Hometown Hockey Tour rings in the New Year in Petawawa

As thousands came out to the Rogers Hometown Hockey Tour, it quickly became apparent that Petawawa was indeed hockey central... Click here to read more.

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Tour brings former NHLer Ray Sheppard back home
Retired National Hockey League (NHL) right winger Ray Sheppard returned home in time for the... Click here for more.
Constable Beth Ethier bids farewell to OPP

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Community Safety/Mobilization Officer Constable Beth Ethier... Click here for more.

Upcoming Changes to CAF
Pension Contribution Rates
Pension contribution rates for Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members who contribute under the Regular Force or full-time pension... Click here for more.
Herman Street
students help fill food bank shelves
The Petawawa Pantry will be officially up and running this month, and a Herman Street... Click here for more.