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    The Vimy Ridge Invitational Swim Meet's opening ceremony involved local dignitaries from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 517 and from the town. In the front row are swimmers Joel Wardlaw, David Goudie and Reese Lythgoe. In the back are Predators' Club President Julie Crouzat, Bagpiper Amanda Cheverie, Branch President Helene Hahn, Sergent-at-arms Jay Jones and Councillor Murray Rutz.

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    The swimmers are off. The competition was tight as swimmers from Petawawa, Deep River, Ottawa and Borden compete.

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    Bronwyn Abbey swims out of the water as her teammates shout out her name.

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    Phillip Wardlaw gives it his best.

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    Hailing from Ottawa, SWOTT swimmer Kaleb Bagrowic bobs out of the water.



Predators host Vimy Ridge Swim meet


By: Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, April 14, 2016

By adding a second day of competition, the Vimy Ridge Invitational Swim Meet became bigger and better this year. The Petawawa Predators hosted the April 2 and 3 event, and the club’s reputation for excellent competition preceded it as it attracted over 70 swimmers from Petawawa, Ottawa, Deep River and Borden.

There was an effort made in attracting young swimmers from military bases. “We are going to try working with other base clubs to figure out a good date so that all (military) clubs can come,” said Predators Club President Julie Crouzat. She explained that for the first time ever, the event was split into two days to facilitate these teams coming from afar. “We wanted to make it worth their while by getting two days of swimming in,” said Crouzat. “... We are just getting back into hosting meets, so it takes awhile for other clubs to know that you can run a good event and offer the right swims for their swimmers.”

The meet was designed to do just that, and offered participants the chance to attain personal bests, get regional or provincial scores or just have fun in a competitive environment. With ages and talent levels varying so broadly, goals were different for each swimmer, but all were looking to have fun.

Chéla Breckon, Predators’ performance coach, pointed out these types of meets are the culmination of months of hard work and practice. The kids in her club were all eager to tackle the challenge. “It’s all about developmental, so we are helping kids learn how to compete,” said Breckon. “We make sure that they are all happy and healthy,” she added.

Dignitaries from the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 517 as well as from the town welcomed swimmers to the area at the opening ceremony on Saturday. “It’s so nice to see every one here today,” said Petawawa Councillor Murray Rutz. “It’s so nice to also welcome the teams from Borden, Ottawa and Deep River and of course the hosts, the Petawawa Predators.”

All scores can be found on the Swim Canada website located at www.swimming.ca/en/events-results/meet-results.