Veterans Affairs Canada introduces new services


Posted on Thursday, April 5, 2018

Veteran’s Affairs Canada (VAC) has introduced new services!

The VAC Education and Training Benefit (ETB) and VAC Career Transition Services (CTS) came into effect on 01 Apr 2018.

For those veterans honourably released with over six years of service looking to upgrade their education, the ETB may offer up to $80K in funding. This benefit can be accessed up to 10 years post release!

The CTS will offer career planning for transition into civilian life, and will be offered to all members who have completed basic training and all veterans. There is no time limit to access this benefit; the program offers reimbursement for transition services up to a lifetime maximum of $1,000 (including taxes).

For more information on these, and other benefits, visit the VAC website at or see the VAC FAQ at

Have more questions? Contact VAC by visiting the VAC contact page for Member/Veteran questions: http://www.veterans.