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New lighting installation has impact at BB-129 and BB-130


Posted on Thursday April 4, 2019

The modernization of lighting systems at Garrison Petawawa has officially begun with the LED technology installation completed at buildings BB-129 (2 Combat Engineer Regiment Complex) and BB-130 (2 Field Ambulance Headquarters).

The change had an immediate impact on energy consumption, but also received positive comments from occupants.

MWO Watt commented, “The difference in lighting quality was immediate. Our ETQMS remarked that it was a 200 percent improvement in the lighting quality on the 2 CER maintenance floor. We are looking forward to the next phase of the project as they begin work on buildings BB-101(2 CER Garage & Bulk Storage), and BB-102 (2 CER Administrative/Workshop building).”

DCC’s Melanie Cyr confirmed, “It is exciting for us to see the first energy installation completed after a year of detailed design and approval processes behind us. We will start to see similar activity soon at numerous buildings around the Garrison including lighting upgrades and other energy savings initiatives.

“You may have seen information about our Energy Performance Contract (EPC) at various events since the formal announcement last June by the William Amos, MP for Pontiac.”

For more information, please visit the website energypetawawa.ca which explains in detail the EPC project being implemented by Johnson Controls.

Check it out!