Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN underway at Garrison Petawawa

Military News


Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016

PETAWAWA - Approximately 1,500 soldiers are participating in a large-scale Army exercise at Garrison Petawawa as part of Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2016. This training exercise, specifically tailored to reservist army members is designed to develop and maintain the skills of soldiers of the 4th Canadian Division (4 Cdn Div). The 4 Cdn Div is Canada’s Army formation in Ontario including reservists from over 46 communities across the province.

Taking place from August 13 to 26, Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2016 is designed to increase the operational readiness of the 4 Cdn Div by preparing its soldiers with several challenging and realistic scenarios to build their capacity and preparedness to assist Canadians whenever and wherever their help is needed.

“The soldiers of 4th Canadian Division both Regular Force and Reserve Force members operate together seamlessly,’ said Brigadier General Stephen Cadden, 4 Cdn Div Commander. “Exercises such as STALWART GUARDIAN 2016 help our soldiers maintain a cohesion and preparedness to provide professionalism in all circumstances, whatever the threat.”

Reservists from 31, 32 and 33 Canadian Brigade Groups will encompass the primary training audience. The main role of the Primary Reserve is augmentation of the Regular Force.  Exercises such as STALWART GUARDIAN 2016 is an important way for reserve soldiers to hone the skills they need to remain prepared to augment the Regular Force when and where they are needed.

“The Canadian Army is committed to providing a cohesive, highly-trained formation of dedicated soldiers to operations both domestic and international,” noted 31 Brigade Group Commander Colonel Kevin Bertoia.”Exercises like STALWART GUARDIAN 2016 are an essential part of how we train and prepare our soldiers to integrate, whether they are Regular or Reserve Force members.”

Exercise STALWART GUARDIAN 2016 is being administered by 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group, part of 4 Cdn Div of the Canadian Army based at Garrison Petawawa.