Town applies for grant to upgrade elevator

Community News


Posted on Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Town of Petawawa has several planned projects eligible for Ontario 150 Program funding, but renovating the elevator in the Petawawa Civic Centre has been named a top priority.

“It is something that is absolutely essential for people with accessibility issues,” said Mayor Bob Sweet.

Council discussed various possible projects that are eligible for this new provincial grant money including refurbishing the Civic Centre arena floor, fixing the entire Petawawa Public Library roof and developing the Petawawa CP rail line trail.

Opinion was initially split between the roof repair and the elevator renovation, and while both will be put forward in the grant application, it was decided on Aug. 8 that creating a more accessible elevator was more important for the town’s residents. The cost for the project is $48,000, and the price tag for the library roof would be $80,000. This particular grant works on a 50/50 basis, administered through the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

The town has also agreed to make a request for funds through a separate grant in this particular program to create a day-long Canada Day event with live music, buskers, artisans, performing arts, cultural activities and more. The estimated budget for the event would be $20,000, added to the annual $13,000 budget. This grant would work on a 75-25 basis.

“Applications had to be realistic,” said Parks and Recreation Manager Kelly Williams. “Given the money available, it was best not to ask for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The new grant program was launched by Ontario to commemorate its 150th anniversary. This program contains three different applications for separate purposes. The Community Capital Program is a $25 million fund set aside to renovate, repair and retrofit existing infrastructure. The Partnership Program provides $5 million towards new partnerships and collaborations to engage, enable and empower youth. The Community Celebration Program has a $7 million fund to help communities celebrate this historical year.

“It’s not just sports, culture and tourism,” said Williams. “It is across the board.”