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Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2016

I hope everyone had a wonderful week.

August 20th saw our second annual Street Dance.

Those who attended seemed to enjoy themselves watching the President get dunked with a somewhat faulty dunking machine. Some family members also managed to get dunked and have their pictures taken with lots of laughs, so all was not lost.

With the competitive last show of the Tragically Hip and other activities in the area, it was hard to compete. So we’ll pick up and move on and lessons learned for next year’s planning to have it on a Friday, with a better, more functional dunking machine.

The very fine efforts of “Young” John MacQueen, your excellent organization should be indeed credited for a job well done, and as he stated to me, lessons learned for next year’s planned street dance. We’ll be better prepared.

It’s only with committed volunteers like we have that we can organize and run fun events such as these.
A big thank you to our helpers: Frank & Kim, Dave & Cathy, Kate, Ralph, John J., Rick E., Rich M., Zita, Helene, Jimmy, The Staff of the Civic Centre, Ed, Sarah, Elysse, Kayleigh, Dara, Gavin and to our staff Liz and last but not least Gord. John Talon for the use of the bouncy castle.

Our own two willing “Dunkees” that were appropriately “Dunked” were sponsored by a great number of very generous people, and for that we are forever grateful. Of course with the help of the smooth talking of Zita Welsh, she would be hard to resist.

We would be hard pressed to provide this entertainment if hadn’t been for very generous help from Jay Martin, Ricky Bernardo, and Guy Regimbal.

You may wonder why I’m always thanking people. Well my theory is that if you get people to volunteer and come out to help, they darn well should have recognition. Whoops! I dare not forget my wife, Colleen, for putting up with my forever absence, thanks Hon. So to all of you a big thank you. So all in all folks I thank you for your patience by reading my rambling on.

Just so you don’t forget, and I’ll reiterate and as a reminder some points from last week.
Darts starts September 8th at 7 p.m; Euchre start September 11th at 1:30 p.m.; and the Branch Golf Tournament is September 17th.

BBQs every Friday from 4:30 until 6 p.m. are winding down with only maybe two left. Friday, August 26, our BBQ is planned with Murray hosting and (still hoping for someone else to step up to help him) with some very delicious food. We also need salad volunteers and servers. Come out this Friday and enjoy with your friends.

Fish and Chip season will begin September 8. We are in desperate need of two cooks to help out so that we can serve our members and the public, whom I know are looking forward to their bi-weekly Fish and Chips. This would be a wonderful opportunity for students to come out that need volunteer community service hours.

Don’t forget Legion Week, September 18-24, we’ve got some planned events coming up with a pig roast, our own Legion Band Concert, Honours and Awards night, and Fish and Chip night, so keep an eye out for the posters. We’ve been told that the Royal Canadian Legion Ladies Auxiliary convention should be attending some events throughout the week so watch and read the upcoming articles.

The downstairs lounge and BBQs are still open for get- togethers for only a small donation to help offset the cost of propane. The Legion is a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the Petawawa River/Rapids and there is plenty of room for everyone. Also some horseshoe pits, dart boards and a pool table and shuffle board to use as you see fit.

New members and volunteers are needed in a big way to make our Petawawa Legion a fun place and success. Give us a call if you wish to help out or become a member.
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” --Helen Keller