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    Jay, Robert, Kathryn and Rhodina, and some of the kids posed in front for us! (Submitted Photo)

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    (Back row left to right) Jay McLaren, Jo-Anne Haring, Caller Andy Himberg-Larsen, EOSARDA rep Ron Gardner, Sylvie Pepin, Andre Blais, Randy Fong, (front row left to right) Linda McLaren, Nicky Jansen, EOSARDA rep Charlene Gardner, Michaela Jansen and Beverly Woodman. New dancers Brian and Val Schizkoske were unable to attend. (Submitted Photo)

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    A few minutes after the proposal!(Submitted Photo)



So much fun…so little cost!

Community News

By Gloria Bateman

Posted on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Since I last reported on the activities of the Swinging Swallows square dancers, we hosted the Boys and Girls Club for our second annual Dinner/Dance followed by our “celebration of membership.”

The Boys and Girls Club visited in late April and were so much fun that we plan to invite them back again next year. What a great group of kids! They provided good conversation over dinner, tidied up after the meal, and then danced like no one was watching! So much fun … WOW! It’s hard to keep up with them, but we so enjoyed the evening!

Before the children left for home, Kiwanis Club members Robert and Kathryn Leach and Jay McLaren presented a cheque to the Boys and Girls Club‘s Rhodina Turner, in the amount of $481. The money was raised at the Kinsmen’s Christmas Dinner.

The kids left about 8 p.m. and then we held our “celebration of membership” ceremony to honour the eleven new dancers who joined the Swinging Swallows last fall and had completed their first year of modern square dancing. They were presented with a certificate by the Club and a small gift by representatives from the Eastern Ontario Square and Round Dance Association, Ron and Charlene Gardner. The new dancers are enthusiastic and a lot of fun and because of those attributes, the club decided to dance four extra Thursday evenings into May. What a great bunch of new dancers!

On June 25, my husband Doug and I hosted the Swinging Swallows at our home on Mink Lake for an afternoon and evening of square dancing and a pot-luck supper. We scurried around trying to make everything just right. We needn’t have worried, the dancers made their own fun. What a time of dancing, eating, socializing, laughing, I think everyone had a good time. To make the evening just that much more memorable, Caller Andy proposed to Christine Jameus … and she said YES! What a happy ending to a wonderful day.

The Swinging Swallows danced in Petawawa at Centennial Park on August 17 and will dance at Pembroke’s Marina Park as part of their Waterfront Live program on August 29. And in September we will host our two free square dance lessons (Open Houses) on Sep 15 and 22 when everyone is invited to join us for an evening of dancing and fun.

Visit our website at www.getupanddance.ca or call me at 613-628-9777 for information. Come on out … we can’t dance without you!