We Are Safety Services: Hot Tub and Pool Safety

By Gail Rodgers

Posted on Thursday, August 10, 2017

Here’s a safety hazard that all pool and hot tub owners should be aware of. I was caught up in a real-time scenario a couple years back. I was attending safety training in Toronto when a friend urgently called looking for help as to what she should do after being exposed to hot tub chemicals.

What had happened as it was explained to me, was while exiting her patio door to step outside with an opened package of chemicals to give the hot tub a monthly treatment, she accidentally tripped over her dog causing the chemicals to disperse and with a light breeze she had gotten the chemicals into her left eye causing a burning sensation. She immediately applied water for 20 minutes and thought that should suffice. Here is where I came in. She contacted me to see whether 20 minutes under water would suffice as she continued to experience irritation with her eye. I instructed her to keep flushing her eye and to get to emerg ASAP.

Once at the hospital ER and after she had been treated, it was explained to her by the attending physician that it would have been better had she been exposed to an acid based chemical rather than an alkaline based chemical as it would not have damaged her sight to the extent it did had it been acid based. Non-the-less my friend lost 20 percent of her vision from that incident.

Moral of this story is for homeowners with pools and hot tubs is to ensure you are aware of the chemicals you are using and to apply caution when using them!

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