Posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Real Property Operations Detachment Petawawa will be conducting a planned electrical power shut-down on 8 August 2017 in order to perform upgrades to Garrison high voltage distribution infrastructure.  The shut-down will be 0700 hrs until approximately 1900 hrs.

The planned outage will affect the following buildings and complexes: L-1, L-104, L-54, L-57, N-113, P-102, P-105, P-106, P-117, P-118, P-119, P-123, P-141, P-143, P-49, P-57, Q-101, Q-103, Q-104, Q-23, R-102 (CANEX), and S-117.

Temporary interruptions, at the commencement and conclusion of work, will affect the following buildings and complexes: AA lines, AA‐118, C‐50, C‐53, C‐57, D‐105, D‐106, D‐107, D‐19, D‐2, D‐55, D‐57, D‐623, D‐624, D‐625, D‐9, G‐101, G‐102, P‐101, P‐50, P‐51, Y‐101, and Fire training area.

RP Ops creates detailed plans to minimize affected users, however occasionally unforeseen circumstances/emergencies may arise where buildings other than those identified may be affected. If there are any power outages at any areas or buildings outside of this list, please inform the RP Ops Det Petawawa Trouble Desk at local 5588 or the Duty Engineer after hours (via Fire hall x 5555).

This power outage will not affect the RHUs.

 POC: WO SC Mitchell, Works WO at local 6049.