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    Break down and bundle cardboard like large cardboard boxes and television boxes. (Submitted photos)

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    Environmental nets are available for free to RHU residents. A recycle bin without a net that has tipped over in the wind. (Submitted photos)

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    A recycle bin with a net that has tipped over in the wind. (Submitted photos)



Bulk Item Pickup

By: Gary Harrington

Posted on Thursday August 31, 2017

Residents, please do not put out bulk items until 10 September 2017.

Please refer to your Town of Petawawa Collection Schedule (info@ovwrc.com) to ensure the items that are put out curbside are acceptable.

The past couple of years, a conscious effort has been made to maintain a clean and safe environment in the Residential Housing Units. By following a few simple rules and steps, we can easily manage our household waste.  

1. Ensure that waste is in the correct bin.
2. Break down and bundle large cardboard - for example: television boxes, mattress boxes, and large cardboard boxes (see photo).
3. Blue bin waste is to be flattened and broken down so it fits in the bin.
4. Return bins to your residence ASAP after collection.
5. Do not put out garbage until the day of pickup.
6. Ensure the window wells of your residence are clear of debris. 
I encourage residents who do not have the environmental nets to drop by the Canadian Forces Housing Agency office to pick them up. They are absolutely free for all RHU residents.
They can be picked up during normal working hours from 0800hrs to 1600hrs Monday to Friday except Thursdays, 0900hrs to 1600hrs.

They do work particularly when it is windy. We are all responsible to take the proactive approach rather than a reactive approach. 

There is a great deal of work being done in the RHUs, it is hard not to notice. On behalf of the Canadian Forces Housing Agency and 4th Canadian Division Support Services Petawawa, please have a little patience, there are many construction projects that may be taking place in your part of the neighbourhood, all in an effort to build a better community.