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2 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn Signals School

By Lt Alexander Edwards

Posted on Thursday August 1, 2019

Command and control are absolutely critical in planning, implementation and management in today’s military battlefield.

The need for strong and reliable communications have been an imperative aspect for any level of command in order to ensure tactical and strategic success.

2 CMBG HQ & Sig Sqn (2Sigs) has been conducting a Signals School to better enable command and control through a variety of systems.

This Signals School encompassed the month of June, and aimed to train and refresh soldiers in a variety of communication systems and bearers.

The Signals School provided Signallers with exposure and in-depth training on equipment such as operator training on: beyond line of sight capabilities, line of sight capabilities, simple data transmission and radio operation.

In addition to the satellite communication systems and radio communications systems, 2Sigs recently received updated servers for networking capabilities.

2Sigs had an excellent opportunity to offer training on not only building the new servers, but to work alongside representatives from Director Land Command Systems Program Management (DLCSPM) who designed the systems to enable tailored training.

The training during the Signals School was not just offered to 2Sigs Signallers. Signallers from other units also took part including 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (2 RCHA), The Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD), 12 All Source Intelligence Company (12 ASIC), 3rd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (3 RCR), 450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron (450 THS), Army Reserve participation from 31 SignalsRegiment and 32 Signal Regiment, to name a few participating.

The significance of the Signals School was seen by participation of Signallers from Canadian Forces Base Valcartier in Québec.

This specialized training conducted over the past month was seen as a valuable chance for their Signallers to experience this level of training. This specialized training allowed Signallers to hone in on integral skills to provide fast and reliable command and control in the battlefield.

The Signals School granted 2Sigs the opportunity to ensure the capability of the equipment and skills of their Signallers before 2 CMBG embarks on their rotation for road to high readiness (RTHR) and the eventual high readiness (HR) cycle.

Exercises such as Maple Resolve rely heavily on command and control. The Signals School gave 2Sigs the opportunity to develop its Signallers in preparation for the exercises ahead for the RTHR and HR rotation. The outcome from the Signals School revealed that this type of training allows Signallers a chance to enhance their skills and learn new abilities through a concentrated a rapid form of training.