Dear CCMS: Grievance Tracking


Posted on Thursday August 1, 2019

Dear CCMS: I’m in the CAF and filed a grievance a few months ago. In the past, I was able to go to the Grievance Authority’s SharePoint site and look it up myself; however, that no longer seems to be available. How do I go about finding out the status of my file?

You are correct, the old SharePoint tracking system for grievances is no longer available. It has been replaced by the Integrated Complaint and Registration Tracking System (ICRTS). This system is now the official system of record for tracking complaints within the CAF.

In order to get an update on your grievance, your options are to inquire through your chain of command or ask the CCMS Agent at your CCMS centre.

For those in the Public Service with a grievance, contact your union representative for status update.
To find a CCMS centre nearest you, check out our website:

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