Holiday Shutdown of DND Buildings

National Defence Fire Service
Garrison Petawawa

Posted on Thursday, December 6, 2018

The holiday season is soon upon us and the Garrison Fire Department has some points for units to help prepare to leave buildings closed up for an extended period:

• Leave heat on in all areas that have water lines especially Fire Suppression systems. Also ensure that heat does work in these areas.
• Ensure all windows are closed to prevent heat loss.
• Garbage emptied last day before start of holiday.
• If security allows, leave office doors open to allow heat to enter in case a local heater breaks down.
• Never leave portable heaters plugged in or on during unoccupied hours.
• Ensure all buildings are patrolled day and night if Duty personnel are available. If problems found they are reported promptly to Garrison Duty Officer/Engineer.
• IRU Vehicles are stored in buildings with at least ¾ full fuel tank to allow for fuel expansion but not overflow.
• Vehicles should be parked to allow for easy egress if an emergency happens and where needed. Keys should be left in ignition.
• If possible, areas should be patrolled daily to ensure there are no major fuel leaks.
• 1 x refueling vehicle may be left inside, but shall be serviceable, ¾ full to allow for expansion and parked at the door with serviceable fire extinguishers located at the front and back of the vehicle on the floor. Also preferred: parked in a spill control dike.
• Ensure Garrison Fire Department is advised of refueling vehicles stored inside.
• Units should ensure current emergency contact information or appropriate keys for building access is provided to Garrison Duty Centre.
These points are being provided to advise and help prevent any major freeze ups during the holiday season. In previous years there has been major damage to Fire suppression systems and other building utilities.
Also a reminder that during the lead up to the Christmas Holidays, Units must follow this important regulation:
• The use of natural Christmas trees or boughs in DND buildings, other than RHUs, is prohibited. Artificial Christmas trees may be permitted for use in DND buildings provided the Christmas tree, including any decorative accessories (lights) are CSA approved and the occupancy permits.

Note: occupants of RHUs can refer to BAI 5.002 Married Quarters: paras 31 to 35 for information on the use of Christmas Trees/Decorations.