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    Cadets cross country skiing on the trails at Jubilee Lodge and Marina as part of their Winter Fun Day in January. They also went sledding and ate lunch at the lodge. (Submitted photo)

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    Jolan Wong, Paralympic athlete and Libero of the Women’s National Sitting Volleyball team, with Sam Wight and Scott Gilchrist, demonstrating volleying techniques to Cadets from 2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps at Dundonald Hall on Tuesday, January 30. (Submitted photo)

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    Cadets undergoing a snowboarding lesson at Mount Pakenham in February. The activity was held in conjunction with 2677 Pembroke Army Cadet Corps and Cadets were given the opportunity to ski or snowboard for the day.  (Submitted photo)



Cadet Corner


Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

PETAWAWA - This winter season, Cadets in 2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps experienced a variety of active and dynamic physical activities, including cross country skiing, sledding, sitting volleyball, and downhill skiing or snowboarding . Physical activity is one component of a Cadet’s training, challenging youth between the ages of 12 and 18 to try new things, maintain an active lifestyle, and broaden their skill sets.