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    Belle from Beauty and the Beast (above centre) showed up at the Ball. Posing with her are Sahin and Sera Yildir.

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    Some fathers purchased corsages for their daughters. As he entered the Petawawa Golf Club, Greg Hatcher slips one on Josephine’s wrist.

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    Before dinner and dancing, the princesses were invited to try out their crafting skills. (Above) With the help of her father Matthew, Kira White makes a pretty bracelet.

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    A photobooth was set up at the Petawawa Golf Club, allowing participants like Brynn and MacKenzie Bennett to have their photo taken as a keepsake of the event. (Photos by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

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    The crafting table was one of the most popular places of the evening. (Above) Natalia Baschuk creates a beautiful corsage out of crepe paper.

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    Eloise Boire looks splendid in purple. Her father Steve wore a dark shade tie to match.

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    The Daddy Daughter Ball on Feb. 10 was one of glamor. Kyrsten Scott, Jonathan and McKenna Pietracupa are true to the style, all looking amazing.



DRDH Fdn Daddy Daughter Ball raises thousands

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

Cinderella made way for a crowd of young princesses at the Deep River and District Hospital (DRDH) Foundation inaugural “Ties and Tiaras” Daddy Daughter Ball.

Though the tally is not complete, DRDH Foundation Executive Director Ashley Pardy estimates that the event brought in between $7,000 and $8,000 for the purchase of a new x-ray machine. For a first time event, it was a rousing success not only in the funds collected but in the fact that 185 people attended, said Pardy.

“It sold out this year, which is great,” she added. “We couldn’t believe how fast it sold out and how much interest there was.”

Many of the fathers went all out to ensure their daughters had the best time ever, renting limos, dressing up to the nines and getting their daughters unique corsages and jewelry.
Joe Tobin brought his 7-year-old daughter Kailyn to the ball, knowing that it was the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with her.

“It is super important that I take this specific time with my kids,” said Tobin. For Kailyn, it was an amazing time where she got to dress up in a fabulous gown, do crafts, enjoy a meal, play games, take pictures, and dance with her father. The fact that it was a fundraiser was an added bonus.

“It lets people know that we are out there and why we are raising money for the purchase of new or replacement equipment,” said Pardy. “Most people don’t know that the Ministry of Health does not provide funding for replacement of equipment or the purchase of new equipment for the hospital.”

It’s why the foundation looks to the community to ensure that the hospital is running smoothly and providing necessary, life-saving services. For the x-ray machine, DRDH will have to raise about $500,000.

With 35 per cent of the hospital’s clientele from Petawawa, hosting the event at the Petawawa Golf Club on Feb. 10 was an ideal fit.

“We are hoping to reach out to the community of Petawawa as we know there are a lot of families here,” said Pardy.