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    Commanding Officer of the Royal Canadian Dragoons and the Task Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Fraser Auld spoke to Garrison Petawawa-based personnel deploying on Operation UNIFIER Roto 5. (Photos by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

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    Cassian Soltykevych of the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress, praised the friendship between Canada and the Ukraine.

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    Ukraine Ambassador to Canada Andriy Shevchenko (left) and 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) Commander Colonel Michael Wright (right) attended the parade on Feb. 15 as the soldiers prepare to leave for Ukraine. (Photos by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

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    Soldiers, mostly members of the Royal Canadian Dragoons, stand on parade inside Y-101.



Petawawa soldiers deploying to Ukraine for Op UNIFIER Roto 5

Submitted By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

Another 200 members of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) will soon deploy to Ukraine as part of Operation Unifier Roto 5.

Under the banner of CAF Joint Task Force-Ukraine (JTF-U) this particular group is mostly composed of soldiers from The Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD), but will be joined by members from other Petawawa-based units as well as personnel from across Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Together, they will use their skills and professionalism to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine bolster its efforts to maintain its sovereignty, security, and stability.

The local soldiers stood on parade at the Y-101, officially saying goodbye on Feb. 15.

“Canada and the Ukraine share a longstanding relationship with a strong bond of friendship,” said RCD Commanding Officer and Task Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel Fraser Auld. This bond is in part due to the large Ukrainian population in Canada as well as the shared values, which make a strong foundation for cooperation. This is integral to the mission, as the knowledge they will share with each other will strengthen both militaries in the long term.

“In my opinion, our mission is just,” said LCol Auld. “This rotation is ready to represent Canada honourably. This rotation is ready to go, side by side with our Ukrainian counterparts. This rotation is ready to make a difference in Ukraine.”

Training began in the summer of 2015 and has been taking place mainly at the International Peacekeeping and Security Centre (IPSC) in Starychi. It has focused on individual weapons training, marksmanship, movement in areas of potential conflict, explosive threat recognition, communication in troop movement and command and control, survival in combat, ethics, explosive device disposal training, and military police training. This consists of Use of Force and Basic Investigative Techniques courses; medical training that provides casualty evacuation and combat first aid training, and modernizing logistics.

“Not only have they been doing military training and military work but they have been doing volunteer work,” said Cassian Soltykevych, Executive member of the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress.

“We are truly proud of you and we are thankful for all that you do,” he added.

Since Canada first became involved, more than 6,000 Ukrainian troops have been trained, and the Government of Canada has pledged to continue its support until at least March 2019. This mission is all part of Canada’s commitment to ensuring that Ukraine’s borders are stable and secure.

At the parade, much gratitude was shown by Ukrainian designates. “Canada always steps up (when) democracy and justice is in danger,” said Ukraine Ambassador to Canada Andriy Shevchenko.

He thanked the soldiers on parade for their help and hoped that this act will further strengthen the ties between the two nations. He also wished for them to enjoy everything Ukraine has to offer, from its culture to its food to its character, as well as be part of a great cause.

“Ukraine is a country where their fate is being decided,” said Shevchenko.