The Petawawa Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame (PSEHOF) will be officially unveiled during Civic Centre Days in June 2018. A location has been chosen and construction on the wall has begun, made possible by a Petawawa Civic Centre Fundraising Committee (PCCFC) donation of $15,000. (Left to right) PSEHOF Board of Directors Vice President Rick Schroeder, PCCFC President Theresa Sabourin and PSEHOF Board of Directors Member Murray Rutz. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

Petawawa Hall of Fame will be ready for June 2018

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday February 22, 2018

The Town of Petawawa will soon have a dedicated space to celebrate the achievements of its most prestigious movers and shakers.

By setting up a Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame in the Petawawa Civic Centre, local entertainers, athletes, and groups who have earned significant or exceptional achievements will be remembered for generations to come. Plaques inscribed with their names, likeness, and accomplishments as well as memorabilia will soon be on permanent display.

The Hall of Fame’s location near the entry is also ideal as the Civic Centre is the area’s cultural hub and it may help attract more residents and visitors to the building.

After a nomination period in the fall, the first round of greats has been chosen. Criteria to be posted in the Hall of Fame is stringent but fair, and there will be a new group of individuals every two years. The current six candidates will only be revealed in June 2018, when the finished wall will be unveiled.

“I think people will be excited and shocked when we reveal the first class,” said Petawawa Sports and Entertainment Hall of Fame (PSEHOf) Board of Director Vice President Rick Schroeder, pointing out that each candidate is well-deserving of the honour.
Setting up a Hall of Fame is a large endeavour, and the Petawawa Civic Centre Fundraising Committee (PCCFC) stepped up by donating $15,000.

“We are more than happy to support this,” said President of PCCFC Theresa Sabourin. “We just think it will be a great addition to the community and certainly something that will stand the test of time and last well into the future. It will remind people of the past, the present and for people to aspire to in the future.”

The PCCFC has dedicated itself to bettering the Civic Centre and its surrounding grounds. Over the years, they have contributed more than $1.3 million.

Supporting this project came naturally as it spoke to culture, recreation and the heritage of the area.

“We wanted to stand behind it because it resonated in what we do and what we see now and in the future for the Town of Petawawa,” said Sabourin.