Social Media Security Savvy?


Posted on Thursday February 8, 2018

Are you aware of the risks when uploading the latest Joint-Ex pictures onto your Facebook page?

There is a growing need for Canadian Armed Forces members and Department of National Defence employees to be mindful of personal information and imagery they share with the general public through Facebook and other social media. Regardless of personal privacy settings, it is easy for a person’s information to become readily accessible to the public, including undesirable audiences.

Considerable information already resides on the internet allowing access to personal information pertaining to CAF members and DND employees. These posts include places of employment, employment history, places of residence, and family information. Information shared through social media also includes commentaries and uploaded still and video imagery.

Part of DGDS’ mission is the personal security of CAF members and DND employees. It is incumbent on everyone to consider the potential for creating risk to themselves, their families, their peers and the mission by publishing to the internet personal or professional information about, or linked to employment. Such information or imagery, either individually or in combination with other information, may provide expert analysts with insights that can be used to conduct social engineering attacks on CAF members and DND employees, exploit possible avenues to compromise our networks, and negatively impact both operational and personal security.

CAF members and DND employees are urged to use discretion before publishing employment related information and imagery to the internet regardless of how trivial or harmless the information may seem. If a CAF member or DND employee is contacted on social media by an unknown person, he or she is urged to decline or ignore the request. If malicious activity is suspected or if unwanted attention is received, CAF members and DND employees are urged to report the incident to the local police.