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    (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

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    The change of leadership between incoming Commanding Officer (CO) Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Ann Coleman-McLean and outgoing CO Lieutenant Colonel Doug Kromrey was made official with the signing of the Change of Command scrolls. The act was presided over by Reviewing Officer Colonel Dwayne Lemon. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

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    1 Canadian Field Hospital Regimental Sergeant Major Master Warrant Officer Corey MacKenzie ceded his position to incoming RSM Chief Warrant Officer Tod Sinclair. The outgoing Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Doug Kromrey, passed the pace stick between them. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)



New Commander for 1 Canadian Field Hospital

Unit News

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2016

According to 1 Canadian Field Hospital (1 Cdn Fd Hosp) outgoing Commanding Officer (CO) Lieutenant Colonel Doug Kromrey, his time as leader of this unit has been his crowning achievement.

“I consider 1 Canadian Field Hospital my regimental home,” he said during the Change of Command parade Friday, adding he would never have guessed how attached he would have become to his troops over his tenure.

It has been two years, nearly to the day, since he was given charge of this unit, and on July 15 he handed over his position to Lieutenant Colonel Margaret Ann Coleman-McLean. He felt confident in knowing that his former soldiers, aviators and sailors would be under great new leadership.

“This unit will be in fine hands going forward,” said LCol Kromrey.

LCol Coleman-McLean was humbled by her new role as the 19th CO of 1 Cdn Fd Hosp. It is a privilege and an honour to command such a respected and important unit, she noted. In addition to its core members at Garrison Petawawa, she will lead various Reserve and Regular Force soldiers across the nation.
The unit strives to be a leader in military health care, and there has been many instances where it pioneered innovative approaches that helped save lives.

“While celebrating these successes, we must also look forward to the challenges that lie ahead,” she said. “It now falls to all members of 1 Canadian Field Hospital to bring that concept forward to full operational capability and I know you can do this.”

From what she has already seen, the unit is incredibly dedicated and capable. As such, she is confident that they will continue to flourish.

LCol Coleman-McLean joined the military as a nursing officer after attending the University of New Brunswick where she obtained a Bachelor of Nursing. She was posted to Canadian Forces Base Gagetown and the National Defence Medical Centre in Ottawa before deploying as part of the Canadian Field Surgical Team to former Yugoslavia. Though she trained as a signals officer, she transferred to health care administration and was posted to Kingston in the Canadian Forces Joint Support Group Headquarters where she later took on the role of Health Services Medical Planner. She has deployed to Afghanistan, Turkey and Senegal as the Deputy Commander of the Canadian Task Force and was promoted to her current rank in 2010 when she took command of the Canadian Forces Health Services Group Headquarters.

She credits her success to her husband Lieutenant Colonel Scott McLean and two daughters, Erika and Olivia.

“Without their encouragement and willingness to make accommodations, I most certainly wouldn’t be standing here before you today,” said LCol Coleman-McLean.

Speaking to unit personnel for the last time in his capacity as CO, LCol Kromrey noted how much he deeply appreciated the chance to work with such professional, capable, good humoured and wise soldiers.
“Some people judge their lives on what they do, others on who they are, and I hope I am judged on the friends I made because ... I want you to know how enriched I am from knowing you all,” said the Lieutenant Colonel.

He added he is deeply grateful for the past two years, and the many opportunities offered to him, noting he hopes he is leaving the unit in better standing.

A Change of Appointment between outgoing Regimental Sergeant Major Master Warrant Officer Corey MacKenzie and incoming RSM Chief Warrant Officer Tod Sinclair was also held during the ceremony. LCol Kromrey marked the occasion with the passing of the RSM pace stick from MWO MacKenzie to CWO Sinclair.