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    Kindergartener Hannah O’Keefe presents Our Lady of Sorrows Principal Christina Brown with a giant thank you card. She accepted it on behalf of the school council. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

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    It was with an explosion of emotion that the kindergarteners and prospective students had fun on the brand new play structure. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)



New play structure at Sorrows

Community News

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, July 21, 2016

After much anticipation, the Kindergarteners at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School have a safe, fun and size-appropriate place to frolic now that their own brand-new play structure has been installed.

Two years ago, this playground was only a dream. With kindergarten lengthening into a full day, the growing student body needed a place to run and play; a place of their own, separate from the older students. With the help of the parents and community as well as a $6,000 grant from Hydro One, the structure was finally erected.

“We are so grateful to both our school council and to Hydro One for assisting us in making our school yard inclusive, safe and fun,” said Principal Christina Brown.

She credits teacher Julie Townsend for pushing the project forward, as she led the charge to get the grant as well as collect equivalent funds from the school council. Even before the play structure was built, Townsend made sure the kids had something of their own, filling the yard with equipment such as plasma cars and other toys to keep the youngsters active.

Before cutting the ribbon on June 14, Brown dedicated the structure with a prayer, asking that delight and joy should always surround it. Her hope is that it will be a place for kids to connect and play, and that it will always bring happiness to its users.

It will be used by children for years to come, Brown confirmed.

For his organization’s part in completing the playground, Hydro One Manager Mike Merchand was invited to the unveiling. He was given a thank you card, created by the kids, to mark their appreciation at his efforts to bring the project to fruition. Brown also accepted a similar card on behalf of the school council.

The unveiling came on an especially fortuitous day as the next generation of students came to visit for orientation. They rode the bus for the first time, checked out the various classes and explored everything the school has to offer. The addition of the beautiful play structure was an additional draw considering they were some of the first to use it.

Once the official proceedings were complete and the ribbon cut, the kindergarteners were finally given the opportunity they’ve been waiting for all year; to play. As soon as permission was given, they rushed onto the structure with loud shouts of joy, quickly climbing, sliding and exploring before devouring celebratory ice cream sandwiches.

“This structure looks awesome,” said Merchand. “You are so blessed to have this to play on.”