Algonquin partners with Sixth Floor Museum to explore JFK Assassination

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Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2016

PEMBROKE - More than 50 years after American President, John F. Kennedy, was assassinated, people continue to be fascinated by the circumstances surrounding North America’s most investigated murder. Now, Algonquin College has partnered with the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, Texas, to deliver a series of live webinars at the Waterfront Campus that will delve into the events of November 22, 1963.

The Sixth Floor Museum is located in the former Texas School Book Depository building in Dealey Plaza, and is named for the sniper’s perch where Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shots that killed President Kennedy. The museum opened in 1989 and is visited by more than 350,000 people each year. In recent years the Museum has increased its outreach by offering distance learning programs to educational institutions around the world.

“We are pleased to partner with Algonquin College to share the story of this pivotal time in both U.S. and world history with students more than 2,700 km away,” said Nicola Longford, executive director at The Sixth Floor Museum. “There are so many lessons to take from this story, from civics to forensic enquiry to presidential history, and it is an important part of our mission to teach these lessons to future generations.”

Through the partnership, staff from the Sixth Floor Museum will deliver four hour-long webinars that will feature pictures, stories and guests who played prominent roles in the assassination aftermath. The sessions are entitled: Conflicting Evidence-The First 24 Hours after the Assassination; Voices from the Crime Scene Search Unit; Living History-A Live interactive session with a journalist, police officer or eye witness to the assassination; and a final Question and Answer session with the museum curator about the assassination.

Algonquin College’s Manager of Community and Student Affairs, Jamie Bramburger, said the assassination of President Kennedy continues to be a topic of great interest to anyone interested in politics, history or crimes of the century.

“There are many people who have questions about the assassination and through our partnership with the Sixth Floor Museum, students will be engaging with subject matter experts from the very location where the crime was committed,” he noted. “The advances of technology are allowing us to provide this unique learning opportunity to our Continuing Education students, on one of the most significant historical events of our time.”

The 35th President of the United States was murdered while campaigning in Dallas for the 1964 American election. The man arrested and charged with shooting the President, Lee Harvey Oswald, was himself murdered two days later by Dallas night club owner, Jack Ruby. Oswald worked at the Texas School Book Depository Building, and while he never faced a trial, there was significant evidence that linked him to the crime.

The JFK Assassination series will be offered in the fall on the following Thursday evenings: October 20, October 27, November 3 and November 11. Space is limited for each of the sessions. Registration will be available in early August on the college website or by visiting the admissions office at the Waterfront Campus at 1 College Way in Pembroke.