Petawawa CWL News

By Vel LeBlanc, CWL Communications

Posted on Thursday July 11, 2019

The CWL June Dinner at Our Lady of Sorrows church was Monday, June 3. The Turkey Dinner was served by a local caterer and was very much enjoyed by all the members and guests attending.

Following the dinner, a game of trivia was organized by Patricia Seawright. This was a lot of fun, some of us lacked in skills and some others excelled.

The trivia game was followed by Eva Brushett and Patricia Holst. Eva showed us how to apply her facial conditioner and manicure, assisted by Patricia.

Both were tremendously done and we hope to see their performances again at the next June Dinner.

CWL Pins were presented at the dinner by President Julie Mallory to the following members: Jane Kinney and Nancy Tosello, 20 years; Deborah Clouthier and Julie Mallory with 30 years; Andrea Bonneau, Joan Antaya, Judy Mohns and Roxanne Charette, 55 years.

New CWL members who joined us this past year: Carol Ann Hastings, Diane Pietraszko, Linda Duncan and Connie Ross.

Congratulations to all the above past members and new members.

On behalf of all the Petawawa CWL members, please have a safe and sunny summer.