Blandings Turtle. (Photo Credit to Harry Aime)

Species at Risk: Send Us Your Sightings!


Posted on Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Department of National Defence, like all other federal agencies, has an obligation to abide by federal laws pertaining to the protection of species at risk and other wildlife.

The Environment Services unit at Garrison Petawawa conducts wildlife surveys and species at risk assessments to ensure that protected species are protected, but they can only obtain so much information themselves. The truth is that everyone can help in the search for species at risk at Garrison Petawawa.

Now that summer has arrived and we are all spending more time outdoors, we are more likely to encounter wildlife and maybe even see something special that it is not seen very often. If you or someone you know has spotted something that you think might be a species at risk, please don’t hesitate to let Env Svcs know about it. Any information at all is useful, but the more information you can provide, the better. Information such as species, location, and date are most important to us, but it would be great to also document things like the time, what the animal was doing, and even the weather conditions. One of the best pieces of information is actually a photo; take one if you can! GPS coordinates would be great, but not necessary, as a description of the general area is really all we need.

If you do encounter a species at risk, please ensure that you give it space. Observe and admire it from a distance, try and snap a photo or two, but please do not actually touch or disturb the animal in any way. Species at risk sighting information can be emailed to or you can call 687-5511 ext 5960.