News from the Silver Threads Seniors Club

By Barbara Bailey

Posted on Thursday, June 1, 2017

The last three sessions of Fitness are coming to end for another year. Thanks to Debra for keeping us fit and being so happy to attend her classes every week. Zumba will be starting on Monday, June 5 at 10 am and I would like everyone to come out and give it a try. We will have a half hour class to begin with, so everyone can get used to the pace and the exercises.

We have a few more seniors interested in coming to North Bay for a shopping day on Thursday, June 8, at 9 a.m. We are going to have lunch and check out the mall. We will leave the parking lot at 9 a.m. and return around 7 p.m.

The winners of the Tuesday evening Bid Euchre were: Diana Bohnert, Pauline Watt, Mary Stevens, Bill Stevens, Lise Bourque. The winners of the Friday evening Euchre were: Kay Saunders, Jeanette McKay, Lou McEvoy, Bill Stevens, Shirley Mielke.

Now that the weather is nice and we are outside in our gardens and the community, here is some information on ticks and Lyme Disease as published by Ottawa Valley First Aid.

Are there ticks in the Ottawa Valley? Absolutely. Ticks usually hang out in longer grassy areas or in thick underbrush. While ticks are out in all of the warmer weather seasons. Early Spring and Fall are usually when they are most abundant. Some believe that ticks are becoming more common as we get milder and milder winters. Ticks basically burrow into your skin and feed on your blood. They start out about the size of the end of a pen and after they’ve fed on your blood for a bit they swell to about the size of your fingernail. While this is less than appealing, ticks themselves aren’t that big of a deal. The real problem is that some ticks carry, and can transmit to humans, Lyme Disease.

Lyme is very tricky to diagnose as there is sometimes a bullseye like rash that forms (but not always) and other symptoms are achey, flu-like feelings that may show up days, weeks, months or even longer after you get infected. It gets even more problematic as it isn’t easy to diagnose.

Do regular Checks for Ticks: To get Lyme you need to be bitten by a tick that is infected and it has to be on you for about 24 hours. If you are outside, wear long sleeves and pants and tuck them into your boots. Stay away from tall grassy areas and stay in the middle of trails. Check after walks for ticks on you and your pets. Brush and comb pets before ticks get attached. Remove with a pair of tweezers, pull very slowly and wait until the tick releases. Avoid twisting or ripping it quickly as you may rip the tick in half with the head still lodged in. Contact a health professional and be vigilant and aware, and we can minimize our chances of having any long term issues down the road. Be safe out there, but enjoy the outdoors.

The Silver Threads Seniors is located at 1163 Victoria Street, Petawawa. You can reach us at 613-687-6574 or e-mail us at:

Have a fun time in our Dynamic Community and I will see you at the club!