June is Recreation Month and Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Petawawa is celebrating it in several ways, one of which is the Active Transportation and Commander’s Fitness Challenge from June 4 to 29. The 4th Canadian Division Support Group (4 CDSG) and 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) Command Teams have challenged their members to participate by using the Garrison Fitness Trail and collecting punches on an Orienteering Punch Card. These will enter them in a draw for some fabulous prizes. Promoting the challenge are, from left, 2 CMBG Brigade Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Shawn Mercer, 2 CMBG Commander Colonel Michael Wright, PSP Manager Health Promotion Dana Lawson, 4 CDSG Commander Colonel Louis Lapointe and 4 CDSG Formation Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Tom Verner. For more information please visit cafconnection.ca\petawawa. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

Participate in the Active Transportation and Commander’s Fitness Challenge June 4 - 29

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday June 7, 2018

GARRISON PETAWAWA - 4th Canadian Division Support Group Commander Colonel Louis Lapointe has issued a challenge for the month of June to encourage cycling to work as well as promoting and using the Garrison Fitness Trail.

The Active Transportation and Commander’s Fitness Challenge will run from June 4 to 29.

“We have an incredible trail system on the Garrison that will eventually link up with the Town Of Petawawa’s Active Transportation Plan. I want people to experience and appreciate what we have,” said Col Lapointe. “The Active Transportation and Commander’s Fitness Challenge are ways for us to get active, have fun and yet also do our part to reduce the traffic flow and support a greener environment.”

Dana Lawson, Manager Health Promotion, also highlighted other health benefits individuals will gain by participating.

“Being active and in nature are good for our mental health. Unit PT or enjoying the trail with your family promotes social connections and strengthens our resiliency,” she said. “Participate and reap the health benefits!”

There are two categories to participate in:
• As a COMMUTER – register and track your cycling/running/walking kilometres from June 4-29. Reach the minimum number of kilometres to be eligible for a random prize draw.
• In the FITNESS category – obtain an Orienteering Punch Card. Collect a maximum of 20 different orienteering punches along the Garrison Fitness Trail. There will be five different punches each week and the punches will be changed out every Friday between 1200-1600 hrs. Obtain a minimum number of punches to be eligible for a random prize draw.

Units are encouraged to use the trail for PT and collect the punches for the FITNESS category.

At the end of the Challenge, members can turn in their punch cards and the unit with the most punches per person, based on unit strength, will win a prize provided by Col Lapointe.

“I encourage all members of the Garrison Defence Team to grab your running shoes, pick up your Orienteering Punch Card and get active,” added Col Lapointe.

Packages with copies of the registration form, tracker, punch cards and rules can be picked up at the front of Dundonald Hall, the Recreation Complex, and the South Side Community Centre.

The launch of the Challenge took place at the June is Recreation Month community event on Sunday, June 3 with a kids bike rodeo and a family punch card for the day to encourage a ride on the Garrison Trail.

All information and rules are available at www.cafconnection.ca/petawawa.