Posted on Thursday, June 7, 2018

On Monday, May 21, the ladies had their first Ladies Night starting at 4 p.m. We had the pleasure of hosting 22 ladies that evening. Our Sponsor for the Front Nine was Country Home Gardens.

Our First place winners were Eleanor Boire, Linda Brazeau, Geraldyne Wilcox and Kate MacGillvray. Second place was Mavis Tetlock, Mary Smeltzer, and Terry Beanne. Third place was Katie Paquette. Other winners that evening were Karen Ross, Mireille Serre. Closet to the Pin was Eleanor Boire, Longest Putt was Gwen Foran and Helene Hahn.

On Monday May 28, 2018, Roanoke had the pleasure of hosting 29 ladies. Our Sponsor for the Back Nine was Ashley Homestore Select.

Our First Place winners were Helene Hahn, Linda Brazeau, Geraldyne Wilcox, and Terry Beanne. Second place was Eleanor Boire, Ursula Nancekivell, Gwen Foran, Karen Ross. Third Place was Helen Rossi, Kate MacGillvray, Cathy McCabe. Other winners that evening were Jane Duff, Mireille Serre and Joyce Serre. Closest to the Pin that evening was Mary Smeltzer, Geraldyne Wilcox and Linda Brazeau.