Canadian Military Wives Choirs Petawawa Musical Director Sosun Suh is leaving due to her husband being posted out of the area. She leads the group in song during an evening practice at the St. George’s Chapel at Garrison Petawawa. (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

Military Wives Choir Musical Director leaving Petawawa

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2019

The Canadian Military Wives Choirs (CMWC) Petawawa has grown exponentially in just a few years, and its Musical Director Sosun Suh is the main force behind that growth.

With her kindness and skill, she has prepared the choir for many events over the last three years including the Invictus Games in Toronto as well as numerous local performances.

She has been an inspiration to many, giving people the courage to sing in front of a crowd and to build a community of strong military spouses. She has helped build the choir and its members both in talent and confidence since she first attended its inaugural meeting in October 2015.

But now, despite pouring her heart and soul into the CMWC, she must leave the choir as her husband has been posted out of the area. Her absence will be sorely felt and the group is currently looking for a replacement for the musical director role. Whoever steps up will have big shoes to fill.

“Sosun is a magical woman with a heart of gold, compassion for everyone and a musical soul,” said Kimberly Glandon, the choir’s past president. “You can see and feel the passion she has for music. For me personally, she has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try for solos that I would have never even considered before.

“You may walk into practice feeling low and struggling some days but after a few minutes of Sosun beginning, and seeing her passion for music and teaching, those worries wash away and we are all laughing and having a wonderful time,” she added.

Sosun is classically trained in music and teaches the choir that singing comes from the soul, not just from the body. “She is so encouraging as a musical director,” said choir member Rachel Eden. “She is always bringing you out of your shy spot and is always encouraging you to try for solos or sing louder or with more passion and courage. I just find that Sosun is the most welcoming person.”

Eden vividly remembers the first time she came to the choir. She was greeted with such warmth that it felt like joining an old friend. This spirit is what drew Eden to the choir, allowing her to make new friends and build on her singing repertoire. “She has a big impact on everyone and it will be very hard to sing with that same passion without her around,” she said.

This sentiment was shared by every choir member. “She is the kindest, most loving and talented human being I’ve ever met,” said Darlene Morgan, current choir president. “She is so giving and has really brought us to the level that we are. All because of her hard work and dedication.”

Sosun’s impact isn’t just felt within the CMWC. She is involved in many aspects of the community, and when she leaves, she will be leaving many organizations wanting. “I will truly miss Sosun for not only what she has given to CMWC Petawawa but what she has also given to the community - to St. George’s Children’s choir, her work at the hospital, her Music Garden Business and piano lessons for many children here in Petawawa.”

Though Sosun is aware of others’ positive feelings towards her, she humbly doesn’t feel that she deserves such accolades. “The choir is not about me,” she said. “The choir is about us. We all should be interviewed. Not me. When we sing together, together we are strong.”

The choir will be holding a season finale concert at the St. George’s Chapel at Garrison Petawawa on June 9 at 2 p.m.