Working from home? The dos and the don’ts


Posted on Thursday, June 6, 2019

When you are using a departmental device at home, you are solely responsible for the information you are processing, and should be taking a proactive approach and exercising due caution:

• GC information has been entrusted to you. Do not let anyone have access to the corporate material given to you.
• No other person should have access to your departmental computer/laptop. This includes family members, friends and guests. If maintenance is required take the device in to your department for support.
• Work from an appropriate location like a den or a home office and be aware of your surroundings while you are working.
• Departmental equipment must be used exclusively to process departmental sensitive information up to Protected B.
• If you are keeping sensitive material in electronic format on a portable medium (CD’s, USB keys, etc.), you must identify this portable medium according to the Government of Canada standards and encrypt the information, if necessary.
• If you are not sure about the standards, check your Service desk for departmental specific info.
• If you have not been given the tool to encrypt information, take the initiative and ask for it! (ex: Entrust, myKey)
• Exercise caution if you have to print sensitive information. Such material must be destroyed, kept, stored and/or transported in accordance with Government of Canada standards. If you are not sure about the standards, check your departmental-specific information.
• Ensure that your departmental computer is running the latest fixes/patches and anti-virus updates.
• Make sure that no one can overhear sensitive information, if you are participating in phone calls or teleconferences.


Abide by your department’s policies re-garding the use of department-issued equipment to access personal e-mail systems (examples: Hotmail, Gmail or Sympatico).