We are Safety Services - Do you know who your Unit Safety Officer is?


Posted on Thursday, March 1, 2018

Your Commanding Officer (CO) is responsible for your safety and well-being while at work at Garrison Petawawa. He/she has appointed a Unit General Safety Officer (UGSO) and a Safety Committee to assist in identifying and reducing risk in the workplace in order to prevent injuries from accidents.

Every workplace should have a Safety Board posted where you can find out who your UGSO is and who represents you on the Safety Committee.

There should also be a copy of the Canada Labour Code, a Safety policy statement by your CO, and minutes of previous Committee meetings.

Commander 4 Cdn Div has stated in his Safety Policy Statement that he “holds the leadership of the Division accountable for the well being of their personnel but it is also the individual’s responsibility and duty to identify and mitigate unsafe conditions, workplaces or attitudes.”

If you don’t know where your Unit Safety board is or who your Safety Rep is it is your duty and responsibility to find out.