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Young academics shine at Valour Science Fair

By Katie Douglas

Posted on Thursday May 10, 2018

Young academics from Valour JK-12 School showed their creativity and knowledge at the Valour Science Fair.

The projects were showcased on Wednesday, March 28 in the gymnasium of Valour School in Petawawa. Many of the students had been chosen as the top of their respective classes and had moved on to compete for supremacy with those from other classes. The students in grades four to eight were arranged in the gym to be judged and evaluated. The projects were also available to be viewed by the classes as well as parents and other visitors.

The projects exhibited a wide range of exciting topics and discoveries. Some students worked in pairs, while others participated alone presenting their experiments to each judge. The themes included studies on fossils, mold, and water purity as well as experiments testing for social stigmas, fat in food products, and many others. Judges and visitors alike were in awe of the amazing work done by both students and staff. There was an amazing turnout with almost every class from grades four through six participating. It was evident that teachers throughout Valour had been supporting the event showing that the scientific process is alive and well with these young scientists.

Judges included local members of the scientific community such as retired and current employees of Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL), former members of Deep River Science Academy (DRSA), and a Renfrew County District School Board (RCDSB) teacher. In addition, a number of senior high school students from Valour used their experience in science to analyze many of the projects.

After projects were judged individually, their scores were used to determine the rankings of the projects in two categories, Junior (grades 4-6) and Intermediate (grades 7-8). In the Junior division Anna Kameva placed first, with Madison Taylor coming second, and Reegan Stephenson in third. The intermediate division had Nathan Nguyen leading the pack in first, Taylor Novaredlik placed second, and in third was Noah Bernardin and Jacob Mackenzie.

Any student with a project was also able to attend the Renfrew County Regional Science Fair. Valour was represented strongly at this competition as well, with twelve Valour students placing in multiple divisions.