Petawawa safe place to live: Petawawa Police Services Board

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Petawawa Police Services Board (PPSB) works together with the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) to ensure that the town’s residents receive the best protective services they can get.

“Anything we can do to help people in our community feel safer and be safer,” said PPSB Chair and councillor Treena Lemay as she unveiled the board’s end of year report.

An anonymous survey was sent out with every tax bill in March, April and May 2017, but as not everybody owns a home, people were also invited to fill out the survey online or by hard copy, found at the Petawawa Public Library or at the town’s offices.

It attracted a total of 260 responders with the 46.92 per cent of them over the age of 65. Results were released and the grand majority did feel that the Town of Petawawa was a safe community to live in.

But the PPSB doesn’t limit itself to guaging the feeling of safety in the community; rather they work hard at making it a reality.

They serve as a connection between the community and police and their evaluation helps the police direct their priorities and activities as well as acting as a liaison between the OPP and the town. The PPSB also creates and supports educational campaigns regarding crime prevention and safe practices.

In particular, they set goals to save the town money on policing costs by finding ways to prevent crime. According to the report, “some of this is achieved through the promotion of education utilizing common and easy to use interventions – like locking car doors, keeping an eye out for your neighbourhood and reporting suspicious behaviour, locking cell phones to prevent accidental 911 pocket-dials, and leaving the phone alone.”

Due in part to some of the PPBS educational efforts, the cost for Calls for Service in Petawawa has been reduced by $2.41 per property.

“The issues faced by police officers and the communities they serve are more complex than ever anticipated,” said Lemay.

In the past year, the PPBS had multiple proactive goals; its SAFE on SEVENTEEN Facebook page provides updates on weather, road closures, accidents and OPP special patrols that affect Highway 17 while its E-Cop program has sent more than 50 messages to over 550 community members with tips to prevent crime as well news of neighbourhood issues and criminal charges laid. Its members have installed two more county-provided Leave the Phone Alone signs as part of its Distracted Driving campaign and have partnered with the town staff to have its billboard relocated to the intersection of Town Centre and Petawawa Boulevards.

They also partnered with Victim Services of Renfrew County to obtain a $125,000 grant over two years to support Petawawa and area victims of sexual assault.

For more information on the PPSB, visit the Petawawa Police Services Board’s Website at