By Barbara E Bailey, President

Posted on Thursday, May 17, 2018

The winners of the Friday evening Euchre were: John Collier, Gabe Tosello, Gary Huff, Carol Myers, Ed Yanke. Regular Euchre is played every Friday evening at 7 p.m., and for those new members, this is a fun evening to come out and meet other members of our Community.

We will be starting some new Fitness programs for the summer with Zumba, Yoga, and Exercise classes. We will have concrete dates for you in the coming weeks. Bingo, Bid Euchre, Quilting, Regular Euchre continue on during the summer months. We have air conditioning, an elevator for anyone with mobility concerns. Come in and check us out for your regular fitness programs.

Mental Health Month (Health Info Mental illness is complex and can present with a wide array of symptoms. This is something people often see with anxiety, for example. It is not uncommon to experience sweating, tension and even chest pain when a person is experiencing an anxiety attack. Widespread aches and pains, including headaches and tension, can also occur with depression or the depressive episodes of bipolar disorder. There are no physical reasons for these symptoms, but they are very real and driven by the anxiety, depression or other mental illness that they are experiencing. It is imperative to know that these physical signs and symptoms are not imagined. They are very real and can cause immense distress.

The connection between the body and mind is not well understood, but experts have concluded this it is incredibly complex. Physical symptoms caused by mental illness or distress is sometimes referred to as somatization. There are times when the physical signs can be incredibly severe to the point that they are disabling. In these instances, it is common for patients and doctors to seek a physical cause. However, the symptoms can also fluctuate in both their presence and their severity. This is what makes it difficult for doctors and patients to differentiate between them stemming from a physical or a mental cause.

Tension: This symptom is frequently attributed to stress, so it is not a stretch to see how it can manifest as a physical symptom of mental illness. It is generally the result of strong emotions. You have likely been in a situation where you felt incredibly nervous and clenched your jaw as a result, or you were under pressure for a tight deadline and experienced a headache. The mechanism that cause these responses is the same that triggers tension due to mental illness.
Let’s reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and provide insight into services and support available to those living with mental illness.

The Silver Threads Seniors Club is located at 1163 Victoria Street, Petawawa. You can reach us by phone at 613-687-6574 and e-mail us at:
Enjoy life in our great community and I will see you at the club!