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Valour JK-12 team excels at Math Horizons 2018 Competition


Posted on Thursday May 17, 2018

Congratulations to four Valour High School students that competed on Friday at the University of Ottawa, coached during lunch by Lily Gen and Marc Goulet: Tobias Gallas, Zac Barvestal, Maddie Richards and Matthew Unrau. 

As a team, they scored 67 points out of 95, placing them in fifth.

As well, Matt Unrau came in first place in the individual competition. He was correct on the first question, leaving around 40 students to compete in round two.

Then, he was right again with question number two so he was now in the final round with only six students.

The third and final would determine the winner by being the first person with the correct answer, and so Matt was amazingly fast and yes, the first to answer. He answered correctly.
Overall, what an amazing day it was to witness our students compete so well and successfully against AAA schools, and schools that offer IB programs.

Go Mathletics !!