Bear-Proof Garbage Containers for Garrison Petawawa


Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2019

Garrison PETAWAWA – Bears have already been spotted at Garrison Petawawa as spring slowly emerges! Garrison Petawawa employees, residents, and users are reminded to take the necessary steps to avoid attracting bears. By implementing simple prevention measures now, bear issues this season can be reduced or eliminated.

One of the best ways to avoid attracting bears is to eliminate bear access to garbage and other food sources. Garrison Petawawa Environment Services recently purchased bear-proof garbage bins that will be installed throughout the Garrison this spring.

You will see them at Black Bear Beach, Kiska Beach, in playgrounds in the Residential Housing Unit areas, and other locations. They are green metal containers with a “twist and lift” lid. Simply twist the handle towards you and lift up to dispose of your garbage!

The bear-proof bin program is a part of Environment Service’s Bear Awareness Campaign to reduce human-bear conflicts in accordance with Integrated Pest Management principles. The program is outlined in Garrison Petawawa’s bear policy that was instituted for units, residents, and users of the Garrison. The policy provides instructions on what must be done to avoid attracting bears and who to contact in the event of a bear encounter. Bear Awareness pamphlets are also available. To obtain copies of the policy or the pamphlet, contact Environment Services at 613-687-5511 ext. 5960,, or for those on the DWAN, visit the Environment Services intranet webpage.

Highlights of the bear policy:
• Ensure red garbage dumpster side-doors are latched at all times;
• Ensure outdoor common areas are clean and free of garbage and food waste;
• Place garbage at the curb on the morning of pick-up day and not the night before;
• Rinse recyclable items before placing them in the recycle bin;
• Never leave pet food outside;
• Remove bird feeders in the spring and summer;
• Clean the grease from your BBQ regularly or store your BBQ inside your garage or shed (when not in use); and
• At the campground, keep your site clean and store food and coolers in your trunk.

If you are experiencing a bear problem, please ensure all attractants have been eliminated. If you are in immediate danger as a result of a bear, call the Military Police at 911, local 5444, or 613-687-4444 from any outside line.

If you encounter a bear while camping at Black Bear Campground, notify the staff at 613-687-7268, or call the Military Police (lcl 5444) or 911 in an emergency.