Posted on Thursday, May 2, 2019

We are back with a second round of energy tips! This time, the Energy Efficiency at Home and at Work campaign is giving you ideas on how to use your electronic devices and appliances efficiently:

Reduce Phantom Power: Even when they are turned off, appliances and electronic devices consume electricity. Plug your computers, game consoles, decoders, digital recorders, and screens to a power bar that you can turn off when you leave or go to bed. Even chargers (phone, tablet, toothbrush) consume electricity when left plugged in. Think about it!

Use your Appliances in a Smarter Way: When the weather allows it, use the clothesline instead of the dryer. The sun is not only a great dryer, it is also a very efficient stain remover!

Run your appliances (washers, dryers, dishwasher) outside of peak demand hours. The price of electricity is lower at night, on the weekends and on statutory holidays. This is when the overall demand in Ontario is lowest.

Select shorter washing cycles for the washer and dishwasher whenever possible and avoid half-loads. When purchasing a new appliance, choose a model that is Energy StarĀ® certified.

Several times a year, vacuum the back of the fridge and clean out your dryer vent duct. Removing and preventing dust accumulation will reduce wear and tear and allow these appliances to work more efficiently.

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