Dear CCMS...


Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2019

I’ve submitted a grievance because neither my unit transfer nor occupational transfer are moving forward. How can you assist me?

You can phone, email, or drop by our office to initiate an intake with a Conflict and Complaint Management Services (CCMS) Agent. During the intake, you’ll have an opportunity to explain your situation and expectations for closure. These conversations are confidential in nature.

Options will be explored depending on your specific needs. For example, we are a resource who can provide guidance about the grievance process and ensure your grievance is being tracked on the Integrated Complaint Registration Tracking System (ICRTS). With your consent, we can contact your chain of command to verify the status of your complaint and identify any administrative delays that may be a factor. We can also help initiate a dialogue between you and your chain of command to explore creative options to address your concerns on a temporary or permanent basis. Whatever the situation, your file will be followed until resolution.

As part of the Defence Team, we are all encouraged to solve issues early, locally, and informally (ELI). A CCMS Agent can be that bridge for further conversations that lead to resolution.

For more information contact CCMS Petawawa at 613-588-4700.