The 2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps Orienteering team competed in the Ontario St Lawrence Area Orienteering Zone Competition outside of Ottawa on Saturday, October 15. (Submitted photo)

Cadet Corner


Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2017

New and returning Cadets in 2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps experienced another fast-paced, eventful fall training schedule. Army Cadet Corps staff took the time to provide some excellent insight on what goes on Tuesday night parades as well as on the 2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps Orienteering team.

Tuesday Night Parades

As part of the Cadet Training Program, Cadets attend regular Tuesday evening Parade Nights where they concentrate on learning the majority of their skills and qualifications.

Cadets are developing and enhancing skillsets in leadership, instrumental techniques, marksmanship principles and drill while attaining the necessary requirements to receive their star level qualifications and meet performance objectives for the year.

Cadets also become knowledgeable and experienced in planning and preparing for an outdoor Field Training Exercise. This included classroom preparation for their Fall FTX – Operation Bushcraft. OCdt Phillips says the Cadets first learn about the theory of what they will do in the field, mapping out the entire weekend with activities, expectations, and a set kit list. Cadets then get to apply and execute this theory over the course of a fall weekend outdoors in Garrison Petawawa.

Cadets must also partake in CO’s Parades once a month. Lt Fox noted this is an additional set time for Cadets in a platoon to work together as a group and practice on specific skills and movements in parade and drill. The Commanding Officer also takes the time to perform inspections, assessing Cadets on deportment and their dress uniforms. The first CO’s Parade of the year was held on Tuesday, October 3, 2017, with CO Parades to follow on the first Tuesday of every month until the Army Cadet Corps Annual Inspection in June.

2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps Orienteering Team

The 2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps Orienteering team competed in the Ontario St Lawrence Area Orienteering Zone Competition outside of Ottawa on Saturday, October 15. Cadets, WO Wilkinson Desrochers, Sgt Chenard, and L/Cpl Chenard, won the female division to qualify for Regional Championships held in late October. Cadets, Sgt Nordin, WO Quilty, and Cpl Pimentel, put on a good performance for the boys’ team but were unfortunately unsuccessful and did not qualify.

Cadets practiced two hours per week to train for the competition. Orienteering team training involved a combination of physical conditioning with running and hill sprints and the study of maps and compasses, including how to read a map and the familiarization of different parts of a compass and how to properly use them.

Coach Cpl Dave Foster distinguished between orienteering in the field and orienteering in competition. Orienteering usually consists of map and compass, shooting bearings, and measuring distances but in competition, Cadets are given large-scale maps that cover less ground and information only pertains to orienteering points in the landscape and not the topography. “It was a huge learning curve,” said Cpl Foster.

For competition, each team was given three maps with specific points to find. Teams had the option to split up or stick together to seek as many points as possible and then return to the finish line before the time on the clock expired.

“It was our first time in the Ottawa Zone and the ladies team took first! That’s a pretty strong showing for us,” said Cpl Foster. Coaches Capt Heidel and Cpl Foster are hoping the girls’ team can train with the Ottawa Orienteering Club in preparation for competition at the elite Regional level.

2642 3 RCR Army Cadet Corps accepts any youth between the ages of 12 and 18. Interested youth can come to Building O-9 (Korea Hall), Garrison Petawawa, on Tuesday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m. and must have a parent to register.