The Pembroke & Area Airport needs $1.25 million to repave its runway and has invited the public to purchase a foot of runway at $250. Some people have already joined the campaign and that included (left to right) Beachburg Lions Club Treasurer Tony Mercier, Beachburg Lions Club Secretary Audrey Cormack, Renfrew Industrial Commission (RIC) Chairman Ron Brazeau, Wendy Murphy, Laurentian Hills Mayor John “Jed” Reinwald, RIC Executive Director Dave Lemkay, Kin Club President Lorraine Pecoskie and Pembroke Airport Commission representative Ted Mahood.

Pembroke & Area Airport launches Project Runway


Posted on Thursday, November 2, 2017

The public can help the Pembroke & Area Airport raise $1.25 million for renovations by purchasing a foot or more of its runway.

After nearly 50 years of operations, the 5,000 feet of runway needs to be repaved. To help achieve this goal, the airport launched Project Runway on Oct. 4, asking individuals, businesses, and organizations to purchase a foot of runway for $250. 

“We have never gone out to the community to ask for support,” said Jennifer Layman, Pembroke & Area Airport’s Marketing Coordinator. 

Many residents are not aware of how critical the airport is to the local community. 

Layman invited people whose lives were impacted by the airport to share their stories at the launch.

Laurentian Hills Mayor John “Jed” Reinwald nearly lost his grandson shortly after birth. The little boy had breathing complications that required critical urgent care. Without an air ambulance travelling from Toronto to take him to the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), he wouldn’t have survived.

“Without this runway, that plane would not have been able to land,” said Reinwald. “Then I would have been buying a casket instead of clothing for my grandson.”

He purchased the first foot of the runway in honour of his grandson Silas.

Having an airport in the area not only has immediate economic benefits of an estimated million dollars, it also acts as an insurance policy in case of emergencies, said local donor Wendy Murphy.

“I hope that it is sooner rather than later that we can replace this runway and become more of a hub for more activities,” she said.

It’s an opinion shared by many, and donors have already been very generous.

Beachburg Lions Club Treasurer Tony Mercier hopes his organization’s donation of $1,000 will inspire others to donate. 

Though the entire runway measures 5,000 feet, the first 4,000 was paved in 1968. The additional 1,000 feet was paved in 1986. The airport has one of the largest airstrips in all of Eastern Ontario and sees about 4,800 take-offs and landings each year. 

It provides service to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, Ornge - Air Ambulance (Medevac), the Ontario Provicincial Police, more than 100 businesses in Renfrew County and the Pontiac, the  Department of National Defence as well as offering space for special event visitors and local pilots, tourists, and aviation enthusiasts.

It is run and maintained by the six municipalities of Petawawa, Pembroke, Deep River, Laurentian Valley, the Township of Whitewater Region and Laurentian Hills as well as Garrison Petawawa.

To purchase a foot of runway at $250, please call  613-732-7774 or email at Charitable receipts are available with each donation.

More information can be found by visiting