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    Commander 2 CMBG Colonel Michael Wright MMV, MSM, CD

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    Sergeant Major 2 CMBG Chief Warrant Officer Shawn Mercer MMM, MSM, CD



Veterans’ Week Message from the Commander and Sergeant Major 2 Canadian Mechanized
Brigade Group


Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Every November we take the time to remember the sacrifices that have been made by our predecessors over Canada’s 150 years.

Remembering our history reminds us of the great sacrifices that have been made and the duty that we all share to uphold the proud legacy of the Canadian Army.

though 2 CMBG is in a busy period with nearly 300 soldiers deployed on operations and another 350 ready to deploy to Latvia, it is important to pause on November 11th to reflect and remember.

Whether deployed, on training, or participating in ceremonies throughout Ontario and New Brunswick, all 2 CMBG soldiers will mark the 11th hour of the 11th month with a moment of silence and a period of reflection and remembrance. It is the least that we can do to ensure that we never forget.