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    Luke Murphy just released his newest book, Wild Card. (Submitted photo)

  • ../../../images/Article_pics/November2017/november9/localauthor/images/author.jpg

    Luke Murphy just released his newest book, Wild Card. (Submitted photo)



Local author releases new thriller

By Patricia Lebeouf

Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017

Pontiac author Luke Murphy released a sequel to his International bestseller ‘Dead Man’s Hand’.

‘Wild Card’ follows Calvin Watters, former NFL rising-star turned Las Vegas debt-collector, as he hunts down a dangerous assassin escaped from prison. Answering many of the questions from the first book, this thriller brings you to the edge of your seat and keeps you there until the very end.

Writing a sequel came naturally. “A lot of people really liked that character,” said Murphy. “They had a soft spot for him and wanted to read more about him.”

After creating his characters and researching the city of Las Vegas for the first book, ideas flowed and the characters took on lives of their own. Though he has a busy life as a high school teacher, tutor, hockey coach, and father, Murphy still dedicated evenings to his craft.

He admits that finding the time to write is a difficult challenge, but he has created a space for himself, putting aside a daily three hours to write. It only took about three months to write the first draft, though editing took longer. He learned from past experience to refine his writing skills, and “let the readers ... read into things instead of telling them exactly what is going on.” This has helped him create the air of mystery that is integral to every good thriller.

The genre was an obvious choice for this former Pembroke Lumber King-turned-writer. “It made sense to write something that I truly loved,” said Murphy.

He grew up reading the Hardy Boys and moved on to authors like Greg Iles, Michael Connelly, and Harlen Coben. He draws inspiration from the greats and has dedicated himself to entertaining people with his words. “I try to write almost like a reader,” said Murphy, adding he writes stories that he would want to read.

Though reading has always been a passion, it wasn’t until he was hurt playing minor league hockey in the United States that he discovered he could also write. He was inspired by his wife who asked for his help with her own writing. He was subsequently hooked. “I never thought about writing before that but I had so much fun creating characters,” said Murphy. “I just kept doing it as a hobby.”

He would definitely love to continue with another Calvin Watters tale, but is considering creating a sequel to his other book ‘Kiss and Tell’. Many of his readers identified with Officer Charlene Taylor and want to know more about her.

All three of his novels can be found online as well as book stores including Barnes and Nobles and Chapters. For more information please visit www.authorlukemurphy.com, www.facebook.com/AuthorLukeMurphy and follow him on Twitter www.twitter.com/AuthorLMurphy.