The installation of the raised beds at the Pegasus Street garden in the spring of 2017. (Photo by Nicole McGregor)

Raised garden beds - a space for everyone


Posted on Thursday, November 9, 2017

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop most people are not thinking about planting a garden. With the introduction of raised beds in the community gardens within the garrison, it allows for gardeners to plant in the fall and harvest in the following spring. An example of some vegetables that you could plant in the fall would be garlic and spring onions.

There are two garden sites within the garrison that are located on the North Side on Pegasus Ave and one on the South Side on Wolfe Ave. Each garden has a number of raised garden beds, which will be increasing in the spring. The raised beds are four feet wide by eight feet long. The space is great for a beginner or an advanced gardener. An added benefit to a raised bed is that the soil doesn’t dry out as quickly as a traditional garden. Water evaporation is decreased from the shade provided by the plants and the sides of the bed help retain moisture. By planting in a raised bed you will cut down on the amount of watering that needs to be done during the growing season.

This spring we will be adding higher accessible garden beds at both garden sites. The purpose of these garden beds is to make gardening accessible for all members of the Garrison Petawawa community. These raised garden beds will be twice as tall as the normal raised beds that are currently there. The path between these beds will also be approximately three feet allowing easier access. Community gardens serve many beneficial purposes such as they beautify an area, use vacant land for productive means and allow access to locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables. As well, gardening can serve as a therapeutic stress reliever. Gardening can benefit our physical, mental and social well-being and therefore it is important that people of all abilities have access to this beneficial activity. Working in the gardens is a great place to connect with your local community members.

Interested residents of Garrison Petawawa can contact Nicole McGregor via e-mail at or call 613-687-5511 ext 7885 for an application form. Completed forms can be brought to the Garrison Environment Office in Building S-600 behind Building S-111 at 101 Menin Road.