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    Some old friends connecting. Rick Lott with LGen (Ret’d) Stu Beare.

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    Dale Batten, his grandson, and A/RSM Pete Thibault.

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    The CO, LCol Dan Matheson addresses the guests.

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    Rick Lott firing his last round.



2 RCHA Association attends live fire demonstration

Article and photos by Dan Moyer
President 2 RCHA Association

Posted on Thursday November 8, 2018

2nd Regiment Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (2 RCHA) conducted a Dynamic Display on 20 Oct at 1300hrs and all members of the 2 RCHA Association and their families were invited to attend.

The display was centred around a local defence battle and included a live fire demo of the M777 155mm howitzer, flights of the Miniature Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (MUAV) system, a Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) firing its 25mm cannon and coaxial machine gun, an 84mm Carl Gustav, and an assortment of small arms fire.

As well, several over-flights with the Alpha Jets simulating close air support.

After the battle, which the Regiment won handily, several members of the Association were invited to fire their last round from the M777.

Finally, the spectators were given the chance to meet with today’s Gunners and share a coffee and a story.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all those attending, from Korean War veterans to grandchildren alike. In all, about 25 Association members and family attended, coming from all across eastern Ontario, including Oshawa, Kingston, and Ottawa.

I have to say that the level of gunnery and professionalism within the Regiment remains at the highest level, as we have all come to expect over the years.
The mission of the 2 RCHA Association is to support and serve the serving and retired members of 2 RCHA and their families and is open to anyone who has served our guns, regardless of rank or trade. To register, go to the 2rcha.ca website and select the Association tab.

On behalf of the 2 RCHA Association, I would like to thank the CO, LCol Dan Matheson, the acting RSM, MWO Peter Thibault, and all members of the Regiment. This was a great opportunity for our members to reunite with the Regiment, each other, and our past.