Dear CCMS: Conflict Coaching


Posted on Thursday November 18, 2021


During our unit brief I learned that Conflict and Complaint Management Services has a service called Conflict Coaching. What does it entail?

You heard right! Conflict Coaching is one of the services offered by our Conflict Management Practitioners.

Conflict Coaching is a goal-oriented and future-focused process that concentrates on assisting the client to reach their specific conflict management objectives. It is a one-on-one and confidential process in which a Conflict Coach assists the client to gain increased competence and confidence to manage and engage productively in interpersonal conflict and disputes.

There are various reasons why an individual may choose to engage in Conflict Coaching.
1. To explore what, if anything, to do about a dispute that has already occurred.
2. To explore strategies and approaches in managing a conflict currently in progress.
3. To prepare for a difficult discussion. Examples may include: performance review, disciplinary or administrative conversation, or interpersonal workplace conflict.
4. To explore ways to approach a situation that may escalate.
5. To prepare for presenting a topic to a group that is likely to engender adverse reactions.
6. To discuss thoughts and feelings about a fractious situation and explore how best to manage it.
7. To identify ‘hot buttons’ that challenge one’s values, needs, or aspects of their identity and explore how to best manage these ‘hot buttons’ when in a difficult conversation or relationship.
8. To prepare for participating in an interest-based process such as Mediation, Facilitation, or Workplace Restoration.

Please contact your local CCMS office to enquire of services and courses available.

Local CCMS contact numbers:
• Supervisor Gord Howse 613-541-5010 x 4904/CSN: 271-4904
• Military Agent Captain Travis Killoran 343-544-7313
• Agent Ron Mumford 613-687-5511 x 4762