Brick building

Town of Petawawa Municipal Building. Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post.

Town of Petawawa supports 'Honour Our Veterans Banner Program'

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday November 18, 2021

The Rotary Club of Petawawa, in collaboration with the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch 517 and Garrison Petawawa, is leading the “Honour Our Veterans Banner Program.”

The project would see past and present Garrison Petawawa units commemorated on banners placed throughout the town around Remembrance Day.

The group presented the idea to council on Nov. 8, looking for support for the project.

“I think that this is an excellent way of recognizing the tremendous contribution the military has done over the years,” said Mayor Bob Sweet. “We are a military town. There is no question about that.”

The banner program is intended to create a lasting legacy of remembrance within thecommunity that will enable the Town of Petawawa and its residents to pay tribute to all veterans and active service members of the Canadian Armed Forces who once served or are presently serving.

This display would be an ongoing, annual event, and each banner will be created to honour a specific military unit. It will include the unit name, a Canadian flag, the unit cap badge, and a field of poppies.

“There are 29 past and present units in Petawawa’s long and illustrious military history,” said Rotary Club President Valerie Hyska. “Plus one banner for the Petawawa Legion would be included.”

Donations would be the primary funding source for the program, with the cost to sponsor a banner at between $150 and $200. The Rotary Club plans to sponsor the first few banners to kickstart the program, confirmed Hyska.

The banners would be put up in October and remain until mid-November. The estimated cost of this removal and installation process each year would be $4,500.

“It is with this annual expense that we are looking to the Town of Petawawa for financial support,” said Hyska.

Council looked at the project favourably and ultimately voted to support it.

“I know when I’ve gone through other communities, they’ve shown individuals on those banners and I always thought that was a great idea,” said Councillor Theresa Sabourin. “So I think this is a great way of honouring those men and women and their units.”