Close up of small heater plugged into electric outlet in background

Submitted photo.

A message from the Garrison Petawawa Fire Prevention Branch: Space heater safety


Posted on Thursday November 4, 2021

 The Fire Prevention Branch would like to remind everyone to use extreme caution using these units when they are functioning.

Personnel must ensure that the heaters are never located underneath furniture and that paper and other combustible materials are kept at a reasonable distance (at least three feet) from the appliance. The heater must also be shut off and unplugged when personnel depart at the end of each day.

Heaters must be monitored when in operation. The heater must be plugged directly into a wall receptacle. Never plug the heater into an extension cord.

Always keep space heaters away from exits, walkways and paths of travel. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations on spatial separation.  

IAW Garrison Petawawa Fire Orders AI 6.005
92. The use of small electrical portable heaters will only be permitted on an interim basis. Use will be permitted once a CE Work Order (CF 141) has been generated by the user. The Work Order shall address the problem and request that a qualified electrician ensure that the existing circuitry is capable of carrying the additional load. Any portable heater permitted for use in work areas, workstations and offices must be CSA approved, shut down automatically if tipped over, be located in an area free from obstruction, and unplugged at the end of the working period. Any non-authorized small electrical appliance shall be removed.