A new direction in your life? Change of Circumstance Report


Posted on Thursday October 11, 2018

Life is full of changes that can lead us in a new direction. Some changes are small and we adapt quickly, while others are more significant and have a greater impact on our everyday life; therefore, it is important to report these changes to our supervisors/managers.

What changes need to be reported and when should it be done?

As a DND employee or a CAF member, we are required to report the following changes in our personal circumstances:
• Change in criminal record status (e.g., criminal conviction, suspension of a criminal record, other judicial prohibitions)
• Involvement with law enforcement (e.g., suspect in a criminal investigation, arrest)
• Association with criminals
• Significant change in a financial situation (e.g., bankruptcy, unexpected wealth such as a large inheritance or winning the lottery)
• Changes in a personal or legal status, including a change in marital status (e.g., marriage, divorce, commencement of common-law partnership)

When a Commanding Officer or a supervisor is informed of these changes or notices a change in behaviour, he or she must assess the information to decide if a Change of Circumstance Report (CCR) must be submitted. This can be determined if the individual is in a situation that could affect his or her ability to properly safeguard DND/CAF information, assets and resources.

What is a Change of Circumstance Report?
It is a form (DND 4151) used to give the Departmental Security Officer (DSO) full visibility on any potential risks posed by an employee/member and the measures taken to minimize those risks (e.g., temporary denial of access), should any be put in place. Within DND/CAF, the DSO is the Director General Defence Security (DGDS). Director Personnel Security and Identity Management (DPSIM) receives and evaluates CCRs on her behalf to assess the situation and determine if the person should continue to hold a reliability status or a security clearance.

Reporting changes…it’s not an option, it’s mandatory! All members of the Defence Team are obligated to protect DND/CAF information, assets and resources. Individual vulnerabilities can be exploited by foreign intelligence services or organized crime elements to gain access to what belongs to DND/CAF. Bringing to light any vulnerabilities allows the Department to mitigate any potential risk they may pose to the organization.

Key take away: The next time you go through a change, be mindful of the implication it may have on you and your work. Like driving a car, you might think events will fade away in the rear view mirror, however, “objects may be closer than they appear”. In both cases, awareness is the key to avoiding or minimizing the impact.

For more information on Change of Circumstance Reports, consult Chapter 4 – Personnel Security from the National Defence Security Orders and Directives (NDSOD) and the TBS Standard on Security Screening.