Take a Stand Against Family Violence


Posted on Thursday October 4, 2018

Military Family Services and local Family Violence Awareness Teams are working together to raise awareness and support October 15-19 with the Take a Stand Against Family Violence: CAF Family Violence Prevention & Awareness Campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to communicate the importance of this issue and promote awareness, responsibility and prevention within the CAF.

One of the resources available to CAF members, their families, and our broader community is the “Violence-You Can Make a Difference Tool Kit”. A series of practical, user-friendly fact sheets of “Tips for Action Against Violence”, it provides suggestions on how you can make a difference. The primary intent of the fact sheets is to inform and provide tips to those affected by family violence on how to deal with managing anger, helping abused persons, devising safety plans, coping with family violence, and getting help

Together, we can make a difference by supporting individuals and families experiencing family violence to feel safe and access resources in our community. One of the many fact sheets included in the tool kit outlines what you can do to help an individual experiencing abuse. It could be a friend, relative, co-worker, or neighbour that you can provide support to:

• Encourage and support the victim to make their own decisions.
• Give her/ him clear messages: violence is never okay or justifiable, their safety and children’s safety are always the most important issues, she/ he is not to blame for the partner’s behaviour, she/ he is not alone.
• Help her/ him identify a wide range of choices.
• Talk with her/ him about planning for their safety and their children’s safety.
• When making a safety plan, outline what to do and where to go if he/ she is in danger and needs to leave. Consider a safe location such as a trusted friend or shelter. Have items ready to bring such as identification, driver’s licence, health cards, birth certificates, legal documents, passports, bank book, money, essential medicines, keys for home and car, basic supplies for children including a favourite toy or blanket.
• Keep emergency numbers handy, hidden if necessary.

Learning more about family violence and its impact on individuals and families in your community strengthens the support network. Begin by reaching out to organizations and asking what you can do to contribute to their efforts in education and awareness, crisis intervention, protective services, and counselling.

For more information, contact the Family Violence Advisory Team at Garrison Petawawa at 613-687-5511 ext. 4600. Other helpful resources include:

• Local MFRC 613-687-1641 http://www.familyforce.ca
• Local Health Promotion 613-687-5511 ext 4685 https://www.cafconnection.ca
• Chaplain 613-687-5511 ext 5434
• Military Police 613-687-5511 ext 5444
• Bernadette McCann House Women’s Shelter 613-732-3131
• Help Lines and Crisis Lines http://www.crisisline.ca http://kidshelpphone.ca
• Transition and Safe Homes http://canada.wecanglobal.org/resources/shelternet