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    The Cliche family stand in front of the cabin dedicated to the late Gerald Cliche for all his work for the Pembroke Outdoor Sports Club. A celebratory shoot was held on Sept. 11 to honour his life. From left are Jacob Cliche, Shelley Cliche, Mark Cliche and Connor Cliche. Photo by Patricia Leboeuf.

    Four people stand beside wooden sign with the words 'Cliche Cabin' written on it
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    Carter Leeder took part in the celebratory shoot. Photo by Patricia Leboeuf.

    Man wearing hoodie and ball cap aims shotgun at target not in photo



Club honours Gerald Cliche’s contributions with celebratory shoot, cabin dedication

By Patricia Leboeuf

Posted on Thursday September 23, 2021

The legacy of Gerald Cliche will be remembered for decades to come at the Pembroke Outdoor Sports Club (POSC).

It has been 13 months since Cliche passed away at the age of 81 in his home in Petawawa. Although not a founding member, Cliche has been an essential part of the club since it began. He volunteered in virtually every position and was a familiar face to members and their families.

“My dad was a doer, a real presence in life,” said his son Mark Cliche, who wore his father’s vest. “Just the way he carried himself, not just in my life, but for a lot of people here.”

To honour his long history with the club, a celebratory shoot was held on Sept. 11. A cabin was also dedicated to Cliche’s memory.

“This is our way of officially making it his,” said Mark, adding he provided 60 shotgun shells containing some of father’s ashes to attendees.

Their father was a devout man who loved to attend church every week, and Mark joked that Gerald would have some very tough decisions if the club was only open Sunday mornings.

“This was his other church,” said Mark.

Though he now lives in the Toronto area, Mark remembers time at the club fondly. He and his late brother Dean Cliche practically lived at the range as his father was a club regular. To see so many people come out to celebrate his dad warmed Mark’s heart.

The majority attending the event were long-time club members who knew Gerald well, but some were also there to support the man whose long life enhanced the club and its members.

“Members like him ... are the backbone, of this club,”  said Kelly Ponewas, POSC President. “Without members like Gerald, the club wouldn’t be here.”