2018 Terry Fox Run and Grn Sports Day raises $3,350 for the Terry Fox Foundation

Garrison Petawawa raised $3,350 for the Terry Fox Foundation. 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) Commander Colonel (Col) Jason Adair (left) and Brigade Sergeant Major Chief Warrant Officer Shawn Mercer (right) presented the cheque on Aug. 30 to Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Fitness Coordinator Necole Miller (centre). (Photo by Patricia Leboeuf, Petawawa Post)

The spirit of Terry Fox lived on in the personnel of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) and 4th Canadian Division Support Group (4 CDSG) at the annual Terry Fox Run and Garrison Sports Day, which raised funds for the Terry Fox Foundation.

The annual day-long event sees almost every unit at the Garrison as well as Personnel Support Programs (PSP) staff gather together at Dundonald Hall to celebrate the life of this Canadian hero and engage in friendly athletic competition.

As a group, participants raised $3,350 for the Terry Fox Foundation. The unit that raised the most was 2nd Regiment, Royal Canadian Horse Artillery (2 RCHA).

“When Terry Fox was doing his run across Canada, I was a kid,” said 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) Commander Colonel (Col) Jason Adair. “I remember seeing him and it didn’t really register at the time, but what an incredible thing. There is a guy on one leg with cancer who ran 5,000 km.”

The persistence and determination Terry Fox had in his mission to run from coast to coast is a trait that many military members share.

“He ... puts things into perspective about who we are and what we do,” said Col Adair. “We didn’t join the military because we wanted an easy life. We joined the military because we wanted a challenge and we wanted to make a difference.”

These types of events link together fitness, morale, esprit-de-corps, friendly competition and fundraising. Despite having over 760 people deployed and many others on standby, the starting line was full to capacity.

“Thank you for showing up - it shows the importance that we put on these types of events and on the Terry Fox Foundation,” said 4th Canadian Division Support Group (4 CDSG) Commander Colonel (Col) Louis Lapointe before the run.

The Terry Fox Run kicked off to the annual Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Sports Day on Aug. 30. After completing the run, about 1,550 participated in or watched sports competitions.

“I want to commend each of you and in particular, your units as a collective body,” said Col Adair. “Each of you has a unique spirit and it came through today. It was quite fun to watch.”

Every year, awards are handed out to the units or members who distinguish themselves.

The top team for the Terry Fox Run was 3rd Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment (3 RCR) followed by The Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD). The top males were Captain Salsbury from 3 RCR with a time of 35:11:00, Private Henry from 2 Field Ambulance (2 Fd Amb) with a time of 37:34:00 and Trooper Evans from The RCD with a time of 43:17:00. The top female was tied between 2 Fd Amb Lieutenant Gauvin and Captain Montpellier at 45:51:00 followed by Captain Holroyd from 2 Fd Amb with 46:55:00.

The RCD took home the Slo-Pitch title with 2 Service Battalion (2 Svc Bn) coming in second. 2 RCHA was the winners of Beach Volleyball with Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) as runners-up.

2 Combat Engineer Regiment (2 CER) came in first in Ultimate Frisbee with 2 Svc Bn coming in second. 2 RCHA dominated at Ball Hockey, though 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Headquarters and Signal Squadron (2 CMBG HQ and Sigs) put in a valiant effort.

2 RCHA came first in Soccer followed by 2 Svc Bn. RCD destroyed their competition in Tug-of-War and 2 RCHA came in second. In the Combat Fitness Challenge, Corporal Savage was the top female while Private Juch was the top male.

In the Bench Press competition, Master Corporal Roach lifted 365 lbs and came out on top in the heavyweight men’s category while Corporal Fisher was the middleweight men’s champion with 375 lbs. Warrant Officer O’Leary was the lightweight men’s winner with 315 lbs. The first place open women went to Lieutenant Humenny who lifted 185 lbs, the second place went to Corporal Newton with 175 lbs and Corporal Savage with 170 lbs.

The annual Chain of Command Race was won by 1st Battalion, the Royal Canadian Regiment (1 RCR) came out first, narrowly edging out The RCD.